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Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

ASTM 1527 Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are completed by a certified individual who has performed over 500 site assessments. The ASTM standard is designed to meet the liability concerns of third party lenders. Lead time is normally 10 days to two weeks for completion of the survey and report. Phase 2 ASTM surveys are completed when there is reason to believe that subsurface contamination may be present.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Process (ASTM E-1527-00) includes the following:

        -A detailed visual examination of the subject property, with emphasis on physical evidence of historical environmental problems and potential sources of environmental impairment. Historical aerial photography is also used to verify historic land use for the site and the surrounding properties.

        -Records review: Review of available records, including complete regulatory and ownership history. Regulatory review focuses on air, water, waste, UST, and other applicable environmental issues. Available records are researched both through regulatory agencies and applicable site records. A 60 year historical title search is included.

        -Interviews with owners and occupants: Information is obtained from both current and former owners, tenants and employees.

        -Report: detailed report describes all findings.

        -Conclusions and recommendations are provided as appropriate.

        -WC Environmental can perform an ASTM 1528 site assessment and produce a report for as little $350.00 on a residential property and $600.00 on a commercial property. The cost includes historical titles search (back a minimum of 60 years), color site photography, site search for erosion concerns, review evidence of underground storage tanks, evaluation of soil and of other environmental issues, conclusions and recommendations. We have completed environmental audits on residential, commercial, farm, health care, educational, and industrial properties. Numerous references are available. ALL SURVEYS ARE PERFORMED BY A CERTIFIED ENVIRONMENTAL INSPECTOR.

Transaction Screen Process (ASTM E-1528-96) includes the following:

        -Questionnaire: A standard questionnaire form is utilized to identify potential environmental problems.The owner/occupant generally provides the necessary information.

        -Site Visit: A site walk-through is performed to identify actual or potential environmental problems.Emphasis is placed on visual evidence of problems, with less focus on review of records.

        -Site History: Unless specific historical industrial uses are identified, site history investigation is limited to title information.

        -Summary Report: A summary report is provided.

Financial Assistance Available

There are a variety of grant and loan programs available to help pay for site assessment and/or cleanup activities associated with contaminated properties. We will gladly assist you in evaluating and applying for these programs.